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Hathors Dreams

Treat your loved ones to the benefit of improved health and wellbeing this Christmas. Gift vouchers available for any value. Free 2nd class UK mainland postage. Contact for further details. Last day for posting is 8th December 2018.

Where nature’s pharmacy and Universal energy are used to help support body and mind through daily stresses.

Going back to the philosophies of Ancient Egypt and through the modalities of Sekhem, Aromatherapy, Massage and Meditation to help relieve muscular aches and pains and release a busy mind.

beautiful egyptian papyrus


Nature’s own pharmacy. Selected concentrated essential oils chosen to meet an individual client's specific needs to support the healing of body and mind.



A fine, high vibrational Ancient Egyptian energy therapy, aligned to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, who removes that which no longer serves us. Promotes positive changes in body, mind and energy field.



Meditation is easier than you think and can create the space needed to resolve issues and challenges.  Benefits are said to also include reduced stress, increased energy, reduced pain, enhancing the body's immune system, increased focus, balance and peace of mind

Hathors Dreams

Connecting back to the philosophies of Ancient Egypt and with nature to help support health, wellbeing and management of the stresses from everyday life.

Ancient Egypt was ahead of it's time, with an understanding of medicine, dentistry, energy fields, the cosmos and use of fragrance to maintain the health and wellbeing of everyone.


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