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Aromatherapy or the use of perfume has been used for thousands of years with the Ancient Egyptians using incense and perfurmed oil in ceremonies and for personal hygiene.

What is Aromatherapy ?

Use of the concentrated oil extracted from plants and herbs known as essential oils. The chemicals in the oils can provide physiological benefits when applied diluted via massage or through beauty products on the skin and psychological benefits when smelt. Therefore great for body and mind - a multi-tasker.

What does it involve ?

Generally essential oils are applied to the skin via a gentle massage, with oils being specifically chosen to help a client's health and wellbeing. However, essential oils can also be used through the application of creams, lotions, shower gels, and in an oil burner, dependent on need. For example, someone with a delicate constitution due to illness or medical treatment would benefit from using oils in a burner without putting additional stress on the body. Manual lymphatic drainage massage and/or deep tissue massage are incorporated, where appropriate, as the combination has proven to be very beneficial for clients.

shutterstock_111402704 incense and oils

How may it benefit?

It is said to be particularly beneficial for stress related issues. Together with massage, aromatherapy could help reduce muscular tension and aid healing of damaged soft tissue.  It could also help athletes to recover from endurance races. Manual lymphatic drainage massage may help reduce fluid retention or lymphodema.

Research has shown the smell of essential oils may reduce agitation in people with dementia as it can trigger long term memories, providing familiar comfort.

Massage is also available using genuine Egyptian perfumed oils for those who may prefer a general relaxing massage leaving you beautifully perfumed for several hours. A lovely gift for a bride on her wedding day prior to hair and makeup.

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