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Deep Tissue Massage

What is it?

A very deep massage which aims to "iron out" the tension which is held in deep muscles, particularly the back and legs.

What does it involve?

Very deep, focused massage on the large muscles of the body which are known to hold tension. Where there is a lot of tension the client can sometimes experience discomfort. For this reason there is a lot of two-way communication between client and therapist to ensure the massage does not exceed the client's pain threshold.

Not suitable for: anyone in the first trimester of pregnancy other than in oil burner. If going through a course of cancer treatment, massage is contraindicated during chemotherapy or radiation as it speeds up the removal of chemicals in the system, which are there to kill the cancer.

How may it benefit?

May benefit conditions where muscular tension is creating ongoing discomfort. Particularly helpful for those whose jobs have them sitting in a fixed position or athletes performing repetitive actions.

I incorporate Deep Tissue Massage within an Aromatherapy Massage (where needed) as I've found the combination to be beneficial to clients.

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