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E-book - Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Energy Healing by Julie Egginton
Created to excite people's interest in the philosophies of Ancient Egypt, which includes meditation and energy exercises to help you start working with energy.


The Frankincense Store

Gorgeous Frankinsence resins of many types, and some Myrrh resins, together with the equipment and charcoal disks needed to burn the resins. Great to use during meditations.

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Pure Incense

First class natural incense - I've yet to find anything finer.

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The Perfume Society

Set up by Jo Fairley, co-founder of Green & Blacks, this website tells you all you need to know about perfume, what's new, the noses behind the creation, details on ingredients used in perfumes, courses on how to improve your sense of smell to appreciate perfumes more and unique events for members.

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Serenity at Health & Beauty, Irchester

One of the few places locally who do Facials using Neals Yard Remedies products.

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Integrated CancerTherapies

A local charity based in Corby who offer free complementary therapies to support those in Northamptonshire dealing with cancer.

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