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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is it?

A very light touch massage which aims to stimulate the lymphatic system which sits just under the skin. The lymphatic system is the body's "overflow" system and copes with toxins and waste which are too large to be evacuated via the circulatory system. It also support's the body's immune system.

What does it involves?

A very light touch massage together with stroking massage movements to help get the lymphatic system moving.

If going through a course of cancer treatment, massage is contraindicated during chemotherapy or radiation as it speeds up the removal of chemicals in the system, which are there to kill the cancer.

How may it benefit?

May benefit anyone suffering from fluid retention or whose immune system needs stimulating. In combination with aromatherapy and traditional treatments I've found MLD to be beneficial for lymphodema.

I incorporate Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage within an Aromatherapy Massage (where needed) as I've found the combination to be beneficial to clients.

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