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What is it?

The practice of relaxing the body and quietening the mind. By focusing on one thing, it gives the mind the space it needs to deal with life's issues. Also known as Mindfullness Meditation.

What does it involve?

Sitting, either on the floor supported by cushions or a chair, dependent on level of fitness and health conditions. There are many forms of meditation. The ones used are guided meditations, breath meditations and mandala meditation (focusing on a picture/object).


How may it benefit?

Said to reduce stress, increase energy, reduce pain and enhance the body's immune system, increase focus and provide balance and peace of mind.

See Courses/Talks for information on available meditations classes or Therapies for one to one sessions.

Not sure about investing the time in meditation? You may already being doing a form of meditation and not realise it. Total focus on activities such as painting, arts and crafts and simply regular walking whilst noticing the bee sipping nectar, the ants going about their business, are all forms of meditation.

The more meditation is practiced the more enhanced the benefits on mind and body, since the mind controls how the body functions.  If you would like help to form a regular habit of meditating, please do get in touch.

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