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Therapies Duration Price
Massage (incorporating Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue & Lymph, as required) 1 hour £44.00 (Using Egyptian perfumed oils, add £4.00)
30 minutes £33.00 (Using Egyptian perfumed oils, add £4.00)
Sekhem £44.00
Indian Head Massage £33.00
Meditation 1 to 1 session £44.00

For massage:

Let the therapist take the stress out of deciding what type of massage is required dependent on the needs to be met on the day of the therapy.  It is generally an Aromatherapy massage incorporating Swedish, Deep Tissue and/or Lymph as the combination has proven most beneficial.

Key things to note :

For Massage or Sekhem, a clear area about 10ftx6ft, with ground floor access is required to set up the couch.
For an Indian Head Massage, please ensure you are wearing a top without a collar which is made of natural fibres ie. cotton, as some of the moves create friction.

Please allow an additional 30 minutes to setup/dismantle and if a new client, a further 20 minutes for the first consultation.

General Contraindications which means treatment cannot take place :

  • Recent illness, fever, diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Recent accident
  • Contagious or weeping skin conditions
  • Skin sensitivity due to localised swelling, bruising or as a result of treatment such as chemotherapy
  • First trimester of pregnancy
  • Epilepsy / fits

If you're unsure whether a medical condition you have is suitable for the treatment you're looking at, please contact to discuss.

Forms of payment

Payment is accepted by Cash, cheque or credit/debit card (subject to internet connection).

Cancellation Policy

Full payment will be required where less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel an appointment or the "Key things to note" are not met on arrival.

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