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What is Sekhem as a therapy?

A fine and high vibrational energy therapy, communicated in this lifetime by Helen Belot, an Australian health professional, re-introducing the Ancient Egyptian healing. It is not affiliated with any religion, past or present. It is aligned to the Ancient Egyptian Goddess (Neter) Sekhmet, in that it removes that which no longer serves us.

What does it involve?

Whilst lying clothed on a couch, the practitioner channels the energy, whilst placing the hands above or on the body. The client sets the intention for what they want to get out of the session following discussion with the practitioner.

Sekhmet and Ptah

How may it benefit?

It helps re-align the energies within the body which may be blocked and causing dis-ease. It also prompts detoxing of the body and mind, facilitating change, removing that which is no longer needed, the baggage we all carry. As there is no direct stimulation of the bodies systems in the way massage does, it is gentle enough for everyone.

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