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Sekhem is a fine and high vibrational energy therapy. Part of the Sekhem philosophy is that dis-ease manifests itself as aches, pains and minor ailments in the physical body.

Training in Sekhem will not only take you on your own personal journey, it also provides the tools to enable you to help family and friends and even move on to helping paying clients should you choose to.

The first step towards training is to gain some understanding and practice of cleansing, grounding, protection, chakras and auras. This can be done through a course I run (see Courses), through an e-book which is available (see Links) or through your own self study. This will provide a firm grounding (excuse the pun) for working with energy.

The Universe ensures that Groups form organically, ensuring the right people are togther for training. As such, no specific dates for training are arranged, rather this is determined by those who are interested and together mutually agreeing dates/times that suit all. If you are interested in training in Sekhem, please get in touch.

The courses available are :

Level 1

Provides the basics to enable you to perform Sekhem on family and friends. It covers 1 days training plus initiation time and sets the firm foundations should you choose to continue to the other Levels.

Level 2

Provides all the additional information required to practice on paying clients. It covers 2 days training plus initiation time. Following training, case studies will be required for 3 clients, 3 sessions each. Anonymised case studies will need to be submitted to complete the level.


This is primarily personal development utilising Sekhem and it's energies, however also includes information to further enhance your Sekhem practice. It is also an opportunity to discuss your awareness and/or observations during case studies.


This consists of 2 parts and is by invitation. Helen Belot has strongly upheld the purity of the Sekhem energy she has introduced, and by making this by invitiation, it ensures a students personal development has taken them to a place where they are ready to take on the responsibilities of becoming a Sekhem Master.


If you would like more information on any aspects of Sekhem training, please do get in touch.

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